Live stream

Live stream

Your wedding film is one of the tangible memories you get to keep from your big day. Once you’ve eaten the cake and your epic dances have ended, you’ll be able to relive these moments again through your wedding film. This film is a big deal! That’s why it’s so important to hire a wedding videographer to film all the beautiful moments you never want to forget.
In order to provide our clients with the best service, we only commit to a limited number of weddings each year.
If you’re interested in the cost of a wedding videographer for an elopement, please send us an email. Our elopement packages created based on the elopement’s location. We love to travel!
Due to Covid-19, we are offering Live Stream services. Please reach out for the quote.

Our Package Includes

Three Cameras Live Stream
2 Videographers
HD Copy of the Live Stream
Wireless Microphones
Network Equipment

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How can my family and friends watch the live stream?
We will live stream to our YouTube channel. All you'll have to do is to send the link to your family and friends. Only people with the link will be able to watch the live stream.
Can you stream from the place which doesn't have internet?
Yes, we can! We use the same network equipment that's used in live news broadcasts. That way we can live stream even if we aren't provided with Wi-Fi.
How many hours does the package include?
The package includes one hour of coverage. You can add extra time for an additional charge - $500 per hour.
Do we get a copy of the live stream?
Yes, you'll get a link for the downloadable HD version of the live stream.
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